Eighth Grade Visits Nursing Home

My experience at the nursing home was memorable. When we were there, we taught the residents how to spin a dreidel. We also colored pictures for the residents which were then hung in their rooms. Finally we sang Chanukah songs. When I left I felt good knowing I was doing something good.



On December 13th, Morah Aharoni and the Eighth grade students visited a nursing home. The residents seemed sleepy and tired before we came in but after we spent time playing dreidel and singing Chanukah songs for them they seemed joyful. We also brought a basket of food to the residents. There was one man who said, “Thank you for coming, this is the best day of my life”. He was crying tears of happiness. The trip was a great educational experience for us and gave comfort to the residents. We want thank Morah Aharoni for planning this amazing, educational and fun trip.