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School Closings & Delayed Openings

Procedures Used for Making Decisions about School Closures and Delayed Openings
We feel a strong sense of responsibility to keep the school open whenever it is reasonable to do so and whenever the safety of our students and staff would not be put at risk. At the same time, we are sensitive to the fact that Solomon Schechter School of Queens, draws students and staff not only from Queens but also from the New York City, and Long Island.  Additionally, our students utilize a variety of means of transportation to and from school: a large number of families carpool, and many of our students ride buses.  On days when inclement weather is anticipated, a member of our administrative team speaks with the bus company at 5:00 a.m. We then convene our own SSSQ team to make a decision about our status. The factors that we weigh most heavily include:
  • Anticipated weather and road conditions, particularly during the morning and afternoon commute hours;
  • The closure decisions of NYC public schools
  • The closure decisions of local private schools in the area; and
  • Our confidence in our ability to provide a quality educational experience with reasonably few disruptions. This takes into account the capability of students and staff from a wide geographic area to arrive in a timely manner and return home safely.
We understand the challenge that a weather-related school closure represents for parents, and we take this responsibility very seriously. Such early-morning decisions require a blend of science and art, and we hope that you find it useful to have a sense of the thought process through which we approach them.

There are several ways to determine if school is closed or delayed:
1. Look at the website www.sssq.org A pop-up window will appear as soon as you visit the site. That message will remain displayed on the top of home page window until the end of the closure/delay.
2. An e-mail will be sent to you as soon as the decision is made.
3. Call 718-591-9800 and an automated voice message will inform you whether school is open, closed, or delayed.