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A unique education unfolds at Schechter Queens, a Jewish day school serving children from pre-school through eighth grade. Students engage actively in high level learning  in a comprehensive curriculum offering challenge alongside personalized support preparing them for success in high school, college, and careers.  They are immersed in modern Hebrew, delve into the wisdom of our Torah, and experience robust Jewish life. With pride in our multicultural and multilingual student body, united by our Jewish heritage, we support our children to embrace diversity with the strength and confidence acquired through a deep understanding of Judaism. Innovation, creativity, and service to others are hallmarks of our approach. We foster entrepreneurial problem-solving, community engagement, and compassionate global thinking. Building lifelong ties among our children and families, we inspire commitment to the American Jewish community, the United States, the modern State of Israel, and the wide world beyond.

Recent News

Solomon Schechter School of Queens Re-Opening Plans 2020

We are enthusiastically awaiting and preparing for the upcoming academic year. While this year may look different than years past, we have worked tirelessly to create an environment that will feel very Schechter-like. Our plan will ensure the safety of our students and faculty, while also continuing our history of quality education and creating a safe and fun learning environment. Please read the attached document, Schechter Queens Re-Opening Plan 2020,which includes many of our policies and protocols for the upcoming year. We look forward to welcoming you on September 8th.
Solomon Schechter School of Queens Re-Opening Plans 2020 Featured Photo

Newton's Law of Motion

Mrs. Hale's students were assigned a project to create a car that would demonstrate Newton's laws of motion when rolled down a track. The students researched what car they can make and selected a piece of wood, which they filed and sanded, and later added wheels that are screwed in with nails. The results were fantastic and today students had an opportunity to race the cars they made. They were proud of their cars, had fun during the activity, and learned an important lesson about the laws of motion. Kol Hakavod to our students and Mrs. Hale on a fabulous activity.
Newton's Law of Motion Featured Photo

AAA Visits Early Childhood Students

Mrs. Blackburn from AAA visited our Kindergarten students today to talk about the importance of car seat safety. The students enjoyed her fun and creative presentation and we look forward to partnering with AAA again in the future!
AAA Visits Early Childhood Students Featured Photo

Robotics Club Competition

The Middle School Robotics Club is preparing for another competition later this school year. The Robotics Club is part of the Science, Engineering: Technology, Teamwork, and Training program as well as STEM.
Robotics Club Competition Featured Photo


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