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Our Mission

Know from where you came and where you are going (Pirkei Avot, 3:1)
דע מאין באת, ולאן אתה הולך
Schechter Queens is a Jewish Day School, which provides our students with an inspiring, caring and safe environment, fostering diversity while encouraging individuality. In partnership with our families and community, we cultivate the future generation of the Jewish people while giving our students the tools to achieve academic excellence and surmount tomorrow’s challenges. Within our students, we nurture the life-long values of acceptance, humanity, honesty, and perseverance and instill in them “menschkeit” and a strong Jewish identity, infused with a love of Torah, Zionism, and Israel.
At Schechter Queens, we embrace a diverse, multicultural, and multilingual Jewish community of students from pre-school through eighth grade, privileged to have New York City as their classroom. Our dedicated, supportive, and warm faculty and staff work together to foster a strong and vibrant community and an excellent academic and Jewish environment. Together, they stimulate and cultivate students’ creativity, independence, and intellectual curiosity by utilizing cutting-edge pedagogical methods and technologies. Our students are taught to reach their full potential through a dual Judaic and secular studies curriculum, rooted in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math). Together they study Torah, modern Hebrew, Israel, and explore Jewish traditions. Schechter Queens students build lifelong ties and get to know their community and themselves, graduating with the knowledge and confidence to meet the challenges of high-school and beyond.
Schechter Queens Pillars
1. Personal and Academic Excellence
2. Love of Learning
3. Appreciation of American Democracy
4. Knowledge of Hebrew & Judaism
5. Passion for Zionism and Israel
6. Sense of Family and Community
7. Chesed and Acceptance of All
8. Diversity alongside Individuality

Recent News

KC celebrated Dr. Seuss’s Birthday

KC celebrated Dr. Seuss’s Birthday through math, art and many literacy activities!
What fun the children had rhyming, creating a birthday book with their own personal messages for Dr. Seuss, and sharing their own books from home with the class.
Happy birthday Dr Seuss!
KC celebrated Dr. Seuss’s Birthday Featured Photo

100 Days of Shorashim A

Today we counted to 100 with Hershey kisses. We also read 100 days of school and learned different ways to count to 100. We exercised, danced, and colored to 100 and counted 100 fingers.
100 Days of Shorashim A Featured Photo

Our Own Farm of Microgreens

To continue our celebration of Tu B'shvat, we invited Farmer Sara from Grow Torah to our classes! On Tu B'shvat we celebrate trees and plants and our relationship with nature. Farmer Sara taught us about our responsibility to "l'ovdah u'shomrah" to work and guard over the land that Hashem has gifted us with. Our 5th graders guided our kindergarteners in helping each kindergartener to plant and care for their own small "farm" of microgreens. This act of creating and sustaining our own “micro-ecosystem” drives home the lessons of stewardship that are central to Tu B’Shvat. Our kindergartners are excited to thank the 5th graders by sharing what they grow.
Our Own Farm of Microgreens Featured Photo


Siddur Celebration