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Grandparent and Special Visitors’ Day is wonderful, a treat for us, as well as the children. Having you visit for Grandparents and Special Visitors Day is a great opportunity for the children to share their day with you, show you how their time is spent, and meet with their teachers and their friends.

Our school creates an atmosphere of community that children take with them long after they leave our school. It provides the underpinnings for their lifelong connection to Judaism and to the Jewish community at large. It is youth such as ours, who have been given the advantage of a day school education, who will become the educated Jewish laity of tomorrow.

We hope to have your children in our Solomon Schechter family for the coming years, and watch them grow and blossom into fine young citizens.
We will be mailing invitations for Grandparents' & Special Visitors' Day. Please fill out the form below, so that we are sure to have updated information. Items marked with a (*) are required.