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The Solomon Schechter School offers a high-quality nurturing pre-kindergarten program that focuses on personal and social development. Children are provided with experiences that support language and literacy, scientific and mathematical theory, social studies, fine arts and physical and health education.
The Solomon Schechter pre-kindergarten program provides a warm, loving and nurturing environment where children develop self-esteem, confidence, self-discipline and positive social interaction. The classrooms are organized with developmentally appropriate learning centers (i.e., housekeeping center, block center, library center, math center, water table and sand table, art center, computer center, etc.) that promote self-selection and contain a variety of challenging and age appropriate activities to stimulate the children’s’ natural curiosity and fosters a life long love of learning. Dramatic play at the house and block centers offer children many opportunities to grow socially and emotionally as they use their imagination.

The atmosphere in kindergarten is more structured and organized than in pre-kindergarten. Children are expected to work more independently, accept responsibilities and follow rules more closely. Children are provided with opportunities to participate through hands-on experience and child-centered activities.

Learning centers in which children’s skills and concepts are developed and enhanced are an integral part of the program. Each learning center has a variety of activities for children that provides for a range of developmental interests and activities. These activities are designed to encourage children to make choices, explore, discover and use materials creatively for a positive environment in our classrooms, allowing children to see learning as enjoyable and beneficial, and to develop a solid foundation for their future achievements.