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Q. What are the ways to determine if school is closed or delayed?
Procedures Used for Making Decisions about School Closures and Delayed Openings
We feel a strong sense of responsibility to keep the school open whenever it is reasonable to do so and whenever the safety of our students and staff would not be put at risk. At the same time, we are sensitive to the fact that Solomon Schechter School of Queens, draws students and staff not only from Queens but also from the New York City, and Long Island. Additionally, our students utilize a variety of means of transportation to and from school: a large number of families carpool, and many of our students ride buses. On days when inclement weather is anticipated, a member of our administrative team speaks with the bus company at 5:00 a.m. We then convene our own SSSQ team to make a decision about our status. The factors that we weigh most heavily include:
  • Anticipated weather and road conditions, particularly during the morning and afternoon commute hours;
  • The closure decisions of NYC public schools
  • The closure decisions of local private schools in the area; and
  • Our confidence in our ability to provide a quality educational experience with reasonably few disruptions. This takes into account the capability of students and staff from a wide geographic area to arrive in a timely manner and return home safely.
We understand the challenge that a weather-related school closure represents for parents, and we take this responsibility very seriously. Such early-morning decisions require a blend of science and art, and we hope that you find it useful to have a sense of the thought process through which we approach them.

There are several ways to determine if school is closed or delayed:
1. Look at the website A pop-up window will appear as soon as you visit the site. That message will remain displayed on the top of home page window until the end of the closure/delay.
2. An e-mail will be sent to you as soon as the decision is made.
3. Call 718-591-9800 and an automated voice message will inform you whether school is open, closed, or delayed.
Q. What Kosher Certifications are accepted at SSSQ?
Q. Does SSSQ offer after-school extra curricular programs?
A. We offer many clubs, including sports, gardening, drama, chess, cooking, music and art.

Q. What kind of school trips do students take?
A. School trips are age-appropriate and enhance classroom learning. They include everything from museums to show performances. In the middle school, students enjoy overnight trips to Teva-nature camp, Washington, Philadelphia, culminating with an eighth - grade class trip to Israel.

Q. What schools do SSSQ students attend upon graduation?
Our students attend the finest Jewish and secular high schools, including Solomon Schechter of Long Island, North Shore Hebrew Academy, Abraham Joshua Heschel School, Townsend Harris at Queens College, Stuyvesant, Bronx Science, and Brooklyn Tech. They are admitted to highly competitive academic programs at Cardozo, Forest Hills, Francis Lewis and Bayside high schools and many other prestigious institutions.

In addition, our graduates attend the nation’s top universities, including Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Cornell, University of Pennsylvania and others. Some spend a year studying in Israel before starting their college experience.

Q. How is your administration structured?
A. We have a headmaster, who oversees the entire school; a Judaic studies principal, who focuses on Jewish and Hebrew studies, including curriculum development; and middle school and lower school coordinators, who are well versed in the learning capabilities of children in their respective areas and work closely with teachers to maximize our students’ potential. In addition, the middle school coordinator guides our eighth graders and their parents through the high school application process.

Q. What specialty teachers does SSSQ have?
A. We have specialty art, music, computer and science lab teachers, learning specialists and a full time bilingual librarian.

Q. What other specialists do you have on staff?
A. We have a full-time nurse and a guidance counselor.

Q. What are your teachers’ credentials?
A. All our teachers are college graduates, and most have a master’s degree. All our secular studies teachers are experienced and our Hebrew teachers are native Hebrew speakers with certificates from well-regarded teaching institutions in Israel. We require teachers to participate in our onsite staff development programs, as well as pursue other educational opportunities.

Q. What special facilities does SSSQ have?
A. We have state-of-the-art science and computer labs, SMART Boards in most classrooms, an updated library and playground with modern and safe equipment. In addition, our school stage has undergone a major makeover; we have two renovated Pre-K rooms, and an updated teacher’s lounge.

Q. What about security?
A. Our security initiatives include-but are not limited to – full-time plainclothes security officers from an elite international security firm and security cameras. We also enjoy a close relationship with the local police precinct.

Q. What is the policy for meeting with administrators?
A. Our administrators have an open door policy and are readily available to address your questions and concerns whether in person or by phone.

Q. What special accommodations do you have for working parents?
A. Parents can enroll their children in our extended day program (for a fee), which is available from Monday through Thursday until 6:30 p.m. and on Fridays, one hour past dismissal, which is 4:30 p.m. during daylight savings time and 2:30 p.m. the rest of the year. Snacks and homework help are provided.

Q. Is SSSQ’s tuition competitive?
A. Our tuition is among the lowest for day school education in the area. We are able to keep our tuition costs low because our school’s endowment provides a built-in subsidy for each child.

Q. Does SSSQ offer tuition assistance?
A. Parents must apply for assistance, which is granted based on financial need.

Q. How does lunch work?
Our school adheres to kosher dietary laws. Our PTA administers the lunch program with two dairy and two meat days.

Q. Is there a school uniform?
SSSQ Dress Code Grades K-8

The Board of Education of our school adopted the following dress code for grades K-8. Most schools have found that children who are appropriately dressed and groomed have a more wholesome attitude towards school, and do better academically. The underlying rationale for the Dress Code is that dignity and propriety are called for in the children=s house of learning and house of prayer. Solomon Schechter’s dress code stresses a comfortable, clean, and neat appearance. Students are required to adhere to the dress code during the school year. We request your cooperation in helping us implement the school’s dress code.

  • Kippot (no baseball caps) are required for all men and boys at all times while in the building.  Hats or other non-kippot head covers may only be worn outdoors.
  • Shirts - All shirts must have collars and sleeves, and cover midriff.  The shirts may not have decorations, symbols, or slogans on them.
  • Skirts, Dresses - must be minimally knee-length.
  • Shirts - Polo style, turtle necks, Oxford button down, blouses any solid color
  • Pants - Solid navy, khaki, tan, beige, black.
(Pleated, non-pleated, chinos, non-baggy cargo, corduroy) (elastic waist band is OK)
  • Dresses, Skirts, Jumpers - at least knee-length
(Solid navy, khaki, tan, beige, black)
  • Sweaters, Vests, Sweatshirts - any color
  • Shoes - Shoes and sneakers must be flat and have a back.  Sandals are fine as long as they have a back strap.
NOT Acceptable
  • Capri pants or shorts, pajama pants, sweat pants, jeggings, leggings and athletic wear (elastic pants) may not be worn
  • Tee Shirts, tank tops spaghetti straps
  • Slogans on shirts
  • Denim pants or denim looking pants - any color
  • Sandals without back strap (for safety)

Special Dress for Friday
  • Boys - Navy, black, or any dark colored pants, white shirts
  • Girls - Nave, black, or any dark colored skirts (can be denim), or dress, white top

Dress Down Days
Periodically students at Solomon Schechter will have “Dress-Down Days”. “Dress-Down Days” will be announced in our Thursday Notes, or via email. Students may come to school in clothing of their choice, but modesty and good judgment must prevail. Clothing that is not permitted on “Dress-Down Days” includes tank tops, spaghetti straps, tee shirts with offensive slogans, shorts, sweat pants, athletic wear, pants that could be considered pajama pants and shirts that do not cover the midriff.

Physical Education Classes
Students in grades 3-8 are required to wear a school physical education tee shirt which will be provided by the school. Students who lose the tee shirt will be required to purchase another school tee shirt at the cost of $10.00. Students in all grades are required to wear gym shoes for physical education.

Q. What does SSSQ’s school calendar look like?
A. We observe all Jewish and most major national holidays, including Thanksgiving Day weekend and Memorial Day. Our school vacations coincide with the city public schools’ December recess and summer vacation.

Q. How can parents get involved?
A. SSSQ offers many opportunities for parents to become involved in their children’s education. Parents can serve as class parents and, through PTA, they can help distribute lunch, volunteer at fundraisers and participate in the holiday, fundraising and programming committees. PTA meetings are conveniently held in the evenings to accommodate working parents.

Q. How can I meet other parents?
A. SSSQ offers numerous opportunities for parents to socialize with one another, including PTA meetings, the end-of-the-year dinner, annual school gala and golf and special events.

Q. What grades does Solomon Schechter of Queens encompass?
A. SSSQ runs from Pre-K through 8th grade.

Q. How long is the school day?
A. School starts at 8:00 am and ends at 3:20 pm

Q. What is the atmosphere in the classroom?
A. With our small classes, we offer a warm, nurturing environment that encourages children to ask questions, probe issues and think creatively and independently.

Q. Is bus transportation offered?
A. The city provides free yellow school bus service to students in grades K-6 living within a five-mile radius.

Q. What do the Pre –K and Kindergarten programs offer?
A. In both programs, classes are small in size to ensure each child receives personal attention, with each classroom having one teacher and assistant teacher. Pre-K and Kindergarten classes are also taught by computer, art, music and physical education specialists. In addition, Pre-K and Kindergartens have in-class bathrooms.

Q. What is the curriculum?
A. We offer a first-rate secular and Judaic curriculum, including enrichment and remedial instruction. All secular subjects are in line with New York State standards, and we teach about all major secular holidays. Our Hebrew language curriculum employs the well regarded Tal Am and NETA approach to learning Hebrew. In the middle school, we offer Regents classes in Earth Science and Math 1.

Q. How does the academic day break down?
A. The day is evenly split between secular and Judaic studies.