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Welcome from the Development Office

Welcome to a place where curiosity rules.
Where children learn to honor timeless traditions and think for themselves. Where they're encouraged to ask bold questions, confront paradox and discover new connections. Where critical inquiry feels like fun, and lights go on in unexpected ways.
Welcome to a place where students see links between Moses and Macbeth, anthropology and architecture, biology and Bible.
Where children understand empathy so deeply that they relate to characters - real and fictional - across every era in time and draw guidance from them for living today. Welcome to a place where everything feels accessible, nothing is off-limits and students yearn to engage the world.

Welcome to Schechter Queens

Our Continuing Legacy
A healthy Annual Fund enhances the school’s ability to build and sustain a team of gifted faculty and support programs that distinguish a Schechter Queens education.  Your support is vital to the future of the  Schechter School.
With your help, Schechter Queens will move forward and reach new heights, continuing to be a community you can treasure.
Join Us.
To discuss giving opportunities and how you can help Make A Difference at Schechter Queens please contact Jeanine Mashihi, Institutional Advancement Associate,  at 718-591-9800 ext. 325 or [email protected], or David Kalman  at 718-591-9800 ext. 303 or [email protected]