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Gifts of Insurance, Trusts and Annuities

Life Insurance
A gift of Life Insurance can be used to establish an Endowment Fund that will provide secure, future support for the school and bring perpetual honor to the family name, while generating a charitable deduction for your income taxes.

A Charitable Lead Trust provides an excellent means for transferring property and other income-generating assets to the next generation at significantly reduced gift or estate tax costs. The Trust, which is established for a specific term, pays a fixed annuity to one or more charities; at the expiration of the term, the property reverts to the donor, or another specified beneficiary.

A Charitable Gift Annuity is an agreement that can greatly benefit both the donor and the school. A portion of the gift will qualify as an income tax charitable deduction, and the full value of the gift will be removed from the donor’s estate. For those under sixty-five, gift annuities can help build a primary or supplementary tax-advantaged retirement plan. From age sixty-five onwards, donors will receive regular fixed income payments, part of which is considered tax-free.

To discuss these and other special ways of giving, please contact David Kalman, Executive Director, at 718-591-9800 ext. 303 or [email protected].