SSSQ Celebrates Yom Yerushalayim

This Monday, students at SSSQ celebrated Yom Yerushalayim throughout the school day. The students learned about the importance of this day in history by participating in numerous fun and innovative activities. In the morning, Ariel Magal and a group of Shinshinim-Israeli scouts came to the classes and engaged the students in numerous activities, centered on the theme of Israel and Yerushalayim.

In the afternoon, Morah Podovich led the 5-8 grade students in an interactive Kahoot game which specifically dealt with questions related to the history of Yerushalayim and Israel. The students had a blast while learning about Yom Yerushalayim in the process. The assembly ended with a few 7th grade students singing a heartfelt song to their classmates. We thank Morah Podovich for all of her efforts in making this assembly such a success.

This Yom Yerushalayim was especially meaningful, as the U.S. embassy moved to Jerusalem. We had many of the classes show the footage of this momentous occasion and discuss the meaning of this ceremony to their students. Overall, the day successfully created a greater pride and appreciation for the day, for the land of Israel and our capital city of Yerushalayim.