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Sixth Grade Chumash

Ms. Ben-Harari's sixth grade Chumash class has been studying Parashat Yitro and the monumental task Moshe had in judging all the Israelites. Yitro, Moshe's father-in-law, suggested that he appoint judges to help him advise the people. This became the foundation of the judicial system. Yesterday, we were very fortunate to have Mrs. Shulman visit the class and discuss the court system and how it parallels the system of judges Moshe established. We extend a special thanks to Mrs. Shulman for taking the time to come and speak with us.
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Google's Visit to SSSQ and Our First Venture into Augmented Reality

Two weeks ago we had an exciting visit from Google. Google is currently piloting a software for Augmented Reality in school. Augmented Reality or AR is a technology which allows objects be placed in the classroom which can only be seen through a device. Google visited and transformed our Science Room and our Computer Lab into expeditions for our students. Students used activities that were developed to connect to what they are currently learning about in their classes. It was a great experience for all our students.
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