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Early Childhood Curriculum

Shorashim (3 year old nursery program)

Our Shorashim program is designed to provide children with a warm and stimulating academic program within a Judaic environment that will encourage them to develop their imagination, creativity, socialization and intellectual ability through play based and hands on experiences. We have named this program Shorashim, Roots, as it is designed to provide the children with their first foundations in Jewish learning and general life skills. Since this may be the children’s first school structured experience we want them to feel secure and enjoy their new academic surroundings. Therefore, our focus is on making learning fun for the children in order to instill and develop a positive attitude towards learning at a young age. We help children develop a strong self-image and self-confidence, which is fundamental in order for them to attain their full potential.


The school’s pre-kindergarten program provides children with a child-oriented curriculum that is based on each child’s developmental stage and learning style. We believe that children learn best through hands-on, concrete activities and interactive play which allows them to explore and discover.

The integrated, theme based curriculum, grows out of the children’s interests and the teacher’s ongoing observations and assessments. It emphasizes the importance of developing the whole child in all learning domains- social, emotional, creative expression, physical and cognitive development. The focus of the pre-kindergarten instructional strategy is targeted to three areas of development: social-emotional, language and literacy development and mathematics. Our program provides the foundation upon which these areas of development are established and helps children become competent learners and develop proper social skills.

Class size is limited to 15 children with a teacher and an assistant teacher assigned to the classroom. The adult-child ratio ensures that the program is individualized and age appropriate. Our pre-kindergarten and assistant teachers have extensive experience working with pre-school children. Both teachers and assistant teachers are nurturing, compassionate individuals and have a great degree of knowledge of early childhood development and how children learn.

The Pre-Kindergarten classrooms are designed to create a Jewish learning environment where children can develop a strong Jewish identity. They begin to learn about their Jewish heritage and develop pride in being Jewish. Through song, games, music, art, storytelling and special celebrations, children learn about Shabbat and Bible, Jewish holidays, as well as a variety of prayers and blessings.


The Solomon Schechter’s kindergarten curriculum is rooted in the philosophy that children grow and develop at different rates. Teachers, therefore, develop their lessons with the developmental needs of each child. Instruction is provided through themes of interest which integrate and teach all areas of the core curriculum, i.e., language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, music, and art. Whenever possible, the kindergarten teacher integrates the general studies and Judaic curriculum. Our curriculum facilitates the children’s physical, intellectual, emotional and social growth as well as fosters an appreciation of Conservative Judaism, with an emphasis on educating the whole child. Music and art, drama, dance and physical education play an integral role in educating the kindergartener.

The instructional day may include activities that are active or quiet, performed individually or in large and small groups. Skills are developed by engaging children in play activities, dramatic play, blocks, creative stories, art, music, movement, holiday celebrations and a variety of Judaic related experiences.