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Lower School Curriculum

The language arts program develops proficient lifelong readers, writers, thinkers and learners.

The mathematics program is designed to develop sound arithmetic skills and strong problem solvers.

Teacher specialists in science, social studies, art, music computer, library and physical education provide children with exciting and creative learning experiences that support and enhance the academic programs.

The Judaic programs focus on developing children’s awareness of their Jewish identity and an appreciation of their heritage, traditions, values, customs and practices, while respecting other religions and cultural diversity. The program integrates Jewish history, holidays, literature, music, and dance into the overall curriculum. The Judaic program also stresses Hebrew language proficiency in reading, writing and oral expression.

Our dedicated teachers utilize a range of teaching strategies to provide for the differences in children’s learning styles. They work as a team to create an environment where children can find success and achieve their potential. Small class size allows teachers to work with individual children and small groups.