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Bennahum Family Tuna Salad

Bennahum Family Tuna Salad

Submitted by Hillary and David, Parents of Theodore 1B and Orly

a can of tuna
a jar of capers
a jar of mayonnaise
whole wheat pasta in a fun shape, like fusilli or any other Italianate term that ends with the word "silly"
a lemon

Then, just boil up the pasta (the fewer the minutes, the more "al dente" and the lower the glycemic index, but do not serve raw-- too crunchy!), stir it up, still warm, with the room temp tuna and cool mayo, stir in a few crazy capers, then squeeze fresh lemon juice over the whole thing.

The Bennahum children, Theodore and Orly, are real pasta people, while the parents, David and Hillary, would prefer their offspring to eat more clean protein, particularly if it involves Omega-3 fatty acids. So was born our tuna salad. It is a recipe well suited to adults who either work a lot, do not like to cook, or in the case of Hillary, both.
Kids love it.